Comment Policy

At the Female Impersonator Blog we look to bring to light feminist issues in the world we live in. Sometimes this means writing about topics that are challenging to some of our readers. We encourage all readers to leave their thoughts in the form of comments, even those who disagree with our ideas. We hope to foster an atmosphere of productive discussion, and to ensure that this happens, Amelia has put together a comment policy from the unofficial practices that have been undertaken on the blog. Amelia reserves the right to modify this policy at her (or the other co-bloggers’) discretion.

Here are things that will absolutely keep your comment from being published on this blog:

1)Sexist/racist/ableist/ageist/sizeist/homophobic/transphobic comments of any nature, directed at any person.

2) Personally insulting the writer instead of focusing on the post and the issues discussed within. Even if the insult is a small part of the comment in question, it will keep the entire thing from being published. It would be safe to refrain from discussing the author at all unless directing a question at them.

3) Comments whose focus is on what the author should have spent their time writing about, instead of focusing on the actual post itself (this also includes Men’s Rights Activist comments), ie: “Why are you writing about unequal pay practices? Really, you should be talking about how men suffer when they are made to pay child support!”

Here are things that will bring your comment under scrutiny and will raise the likelihood that a comment will not be published:

1) Telling (instead of asking) the writer what they meant to say.

2) Making assumptions about the writer's personal beliefs that cannot be supported by the material in the post.

3) Extreme generalizations used to make a point, ie: “All feminists hate men so they must just be bitter that men don’t like them.”

4) Excessive foul language. Some swearing can be acceptable, but if it is deemed too distracting or inflammatory, the comment may be rejected.

5) Asking the post author to explain everything in such detail that it derails the conversation. If you do not understand something, try looking it up on your own first. Asking for clarification is acceptable as long as it does not distract from the main ideas within the post.

6) Writing anonymous comments. Amelia has decided to allow for anonymous comments as to not discourage input from those without accounts on commenting services. But because it is difficult to tell anonymous comments apart, and because many of the hateful comments submitted to this blog are from anonymous users, choosing to not attach a name to your comments increases the likelihood that your comment will be judged more harshly during the moderation process if it has any questionable content.

A large portion of the comment moderation is done by Amelia who sees every comment that is posted on every post on the blog. Other posters may moderate the comments on their individual posts as they choose.

Sometimes comments may slip through that do not seem to fit this policy. If you see such a comment, or have any suggestions/questions, feel free to e-mail Amelia at amelia[dot]impersonator[at]gmail[dot]com.