Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carnival of Feminists #1!

Welcome to the first revived Carnival of Feminists! We received some great posts from all over the internet and are excited to pass them along to you, in no particular order:

Disability Information and Resources offers up a moving video of a woman diagnosed with cancer who is unable to get Social Security benefits. In the video, she says, "I just don’t understand what [diagnosis] you have to have to get Social Security disability."

A Kindle Swindle with some humorous limericks from Mad Kane's Political Madness.

sandpiperlily at the Feministing Community blog notices a disturbing trend of sexual assault related FMLs.

A focus on the spectacle of the executed woman from Executed Today.

Renee at Womanist Musings looks at a small town that's not completely accepting of their trans mayor.

Elizabeth Kate at Daughter of the Ring of Fire reviews Evie Shockley's poem quiet as it's kept.

Editor's Pick: The Undomestic Goddess has a series of interviews about feminism with people from all walks of life.

Birthcycle looks at the Utopian Promise of Porn.

Kate from Female Impersonator has a series on street harassment including walking as rebellion, a call to action in response to street harassment, and tweeting catcalls.

Heather at Scarleteen discusses “How to (Un)pack for a Real Discussion About Abortion” and clarifies some important terms and concepts that should be understood before attempting to have a discussion on this topic, which is often treated as “unspeakable”

Clarissa at Clarissa's Blog on how using the phrase “hard-wired” to explain things like gender differences “does not provide us with answers. It is just a way to avoid having to look for answers to tough questions.”

The Viewspaper has a thought-provoking editorial called Feminist Movement: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards.

Editor's Pick: Jay Smooth at Ill Doctrine has a brilliant look at Michael Jackson's death and the media with Dance You Into the Sunlight.

Thanks to all participants! The next carnival is August 19, so be sure to submit your posts!

If you'd like to host, contact Lindsay or Amelia at (firstname).impersonator [at]

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Kat said...

I'm glad to see the carnival is back... thank you for ending the five months of silence.
Looking forward to the next edition.
Keep it up.