Friday, March 28, 2008

Indian woman, accused of being a witch, tied and beaten

A woman in India, accused of being a witch, was tied to a tree and beaten. A journalist filmed the incident before calling the police. The woman suffered no serious injuries, and the authorities arrested "six people, including the man who admitted to hiring her services as a witch. They were due to appear before a magistrate on Friday."

It was reported that such an incident of mob justice was not isolated. Several men were also beaten, one to death, in 2007.

Violence is nothing new. Violence against women is (sadly) not unheard of. But how could this journalist watch this woman be beaten and not do anything until after he had gotten his film footage? The fact that this journalist eventually did call the police shows that they were not completely unaffected by the situation. Why, then, did they not try to get the police involved sooner?

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JPR said...

because people like a scapegoat. it's not really what i'd call rocket science....