Sunday, March 16, 2008

Laws Are Failing Women

On March 7th, in Arlington Heights, IL, Cindy Bischof was shot dead in a parking lot by her ex-boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend she had taken all the legal precautions to protect herself against. She had rendered a two-year order of protection against him, the strictest possible measure, which he had violated. He was sent to prison for two months; however, it was after he was released that he killed Cindy.

"In certain cases, a protective court order is not enough and the only viable option is for a woman to either enter a shelter or relocate, experts say."

Women are being forced to completely relocate their lives and even change their names in order to avoid potential violence from their ex-partners. This is unacceptable. If the laws are failing, the laws need to be changed. Period.

However, other than locking up people with the potential to commit these crimes, how can women be protected?


Geoff said...

Conceal and Carry Baby!

Anonymous said...

Fry the Sumbitch! Oh wait, you would rather have him locked up at our expense for the next roughly 50-60 years.

Kate said...

Anonymous, if you had read the link, you would know the ex-boyfriend killed himself immediately after killing the woman.

And this post was about violence against women, not the death penalty.

Matt said...

Name a law, besides concealed carry, that would have saved that woman in that parking lot. It seems like in this day and age all people want to do is create new laws. We already have enough laws! The title of this post should be: "Women are Failing Women." Also, don't be afraid to voice your opinion Tyler. I know you well enough to recognize your "south of Stillman" vernacular.