Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Something needs to be done about Southwest Airlines.

You guys should read what happened to Tamara Nopper when she boarded a Southwest Airlines flight.

“Shortly after sitting down, an older white man sat in the seat next to mine. He then proceeded to spread his legs wide open as if, to quote a wise person I know, “he thought he had balls the size of pumpkins.” In response to the uninvited pressing, I requested room for my legs. The man then proceeded to imperiously point his finger to the floor to emphasize that his feet were within the boundary of his seats. He never addressed the fact that his legs were spread beyond them so as to invade my space and press up against my body. Instead, he said to me, “You’re a big girl.” Talking on my cell phone, I interrupted my conversation to calmly tell the man “Don’t fucking talk to me that way.” With his right hand, the man reached across himself to grab my left arm. With my arm in his grip, he looked me in the eyes through his glasses and replied, “I’m going to slap you in your mouth.” I freed myself from him and then stood up.”

I wish I could say that that was the worst of it. But it’s not.

What’s even sadder is that this is NOT an isolated incident of discrimination from the airline. In the past, several women have been asked to cover up, or kicked off flights because of the way they were dressed.

I’m sorry, Southwest Airlines, but enough is enough is ENOUGH.

I will never fly that airline. I hope you guys won't, either.

Side note: The NYSE symbol for Southwest Airlines Co. is “LUV.” Seriously.

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Colt said...

They were just spoiled teenagers, who didn't get what they wanted, when they wanted it. Then they got the attention they didn't deserve when the local TV stations interviewed them. Bottom line, they needed more chores and spankings as children.

Colt said...


graveyard tan said...

i dunno. i saw her problem more as sexist than racist personally. it was more the fact that she was a petite woman than asian that caused that dipshit to talk to her that way.