Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Post for Fair Pay!

So, on our radio show yesterday, Amelia and I talked a little bit about fair pay, and we started getting into the repercussions for women when they make so much less than men. These repercussions are as varied having to support oneself through prostitution to begin forced to give up a career to raise children at the home.

However these have been discussed in previous posts on this blog. Lindsay mentioned earlier that for every dollar a white man earns, I will earn 77 cents. My Mexican roommate will earn 52 cents and my black friends will earn 62 cents. The Fair Pay Movement really isn't all about the "white man dollar," but about the monetary inequities between white women and women of color. It really speaks to a larger problem within the feminist movement.

As a white feminist and new feminist, I don't feel "qualified" to write about the racial factions of the feminist movement, but I want to dedicate my post, this post for fair pay not only for my missing 23 cents, but for the missing 48 cents of one of my best friends and for the 25 cents that separates us.

We demand fair pay now!


Amelia said...

I was totally working on a Fair Pay post, but I stopped, because a) I was having a hard time formulating my thoughts, b) I think I might need to do some more research, and c) I don't want to add another post! I want people to comment on everyone else's!

So maybe I'll do a late Fair Pay post later.

Anonymous said...

There is no pay gap. The pay gap is because of men and women generally working different types of jobs, and also men being more willing to work more hours. Controlling for those things, they earn the same or women actually earn more. But you'd probably like to continue to believe whatever your "Womyn Studies" professor told you. Ok. But I can show you the stats.

Amelia said...

I suggest, Anonymous, that if you decide to leave comments like that, you BRING the stats to the table.

So please do so.