Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Secret

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I am a medical student who recently heard a doctor who works with people who are going through gender reassignments. The (male) doctor said that as part of the pre-surgery counseling, he always asks the male-to-female patients if they are ready to give up their privileged-male status in society. He said the patients often come back to him after they have completed their transition into a female. They tell him that they didn’t realize how significant the privileged-male status is.

I love Postsecret.


Andrew said...

We (men) generally get status and prestige for "being there"; women generally have to make an outstanding display of talent, obedience, or undeertake some other condescending action, just to receive the same "rewards".

Jen said...

I agree with Andrew too.

On a similar vein, does anyone have any other links to feminist opinions/analysis on transgenderism? I think there's a lot of interesting material out there somewhere, but I've yet to find it.

Andrew said...

A great way to find material on about any subject is to install "StumbleUpon" for Firefox of IE6, and to create a free account. Members tag websites as pertaining to certain interests, much like each post on blogspot can be tagged. Each user individually selects a set of interests and then can click a button on the installed toolbar that automatically takes them to a random webpage that has been tagged with one of their keywords. It's pretty cool.