Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Female Impersonator looking for contributors!

Interested in feminist issues and how they apply to the lives of people in America and all over the world?

Then you should consider being a contributor on the Female Impersonator blog! All you need is a blogger account. Contributors of all genders will be considered! No experience necessary.

Post whenever you have time or find something interesting to talk about.

If you're interested, e-mail Amelia a brief description about why you feel that blogging about feminism is important.


Margaret T said...

quick question - "Contributors of ALL genders will be considered" - how many genders ARE there?

Amelia said...

I don't know exactly. I feel that gender is hard to quantify because of its many variances among people (how they act, how they feel, etc). So instead of being limiting and saying something like BOTH genders, I prefer to be inclusive, and use ALL genders to people who do not fit the "normal" standards of female or male will still feel welcome.

Good question though. :)

Michael said...

^now THAT's commitment.


Colt said...

I know how many. 2. Male and Female.

Kate said...

Colt, what about people who are both with NEITHER or BOTH reproductive organs?

It happens fairly often, actually.

Anonymous said...

ooh, kate, you totally pwned with science.


oh and physical attributes aside, there are those of "both" genders who identify with either, both, or neither of the supposed binary system.