Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feminist Graffiti

I took the picture in the heading of this blog one day after a sign appeared on the door to my dorm suite that said: How would your life be different if gender roles did not exist? These signs had been popping up all over campus, and no one seemed to know who was responsible for them.

Then last week, after I got out of my film class, I noticed a good deal of sidewalk chalking done in the same spirit. Here are the pictures that I took last Thursday with Kate, after our radio show. They aren't the best because they started to rub away, so captions will accompany the pictures.

How would life be different if gender roles did not exist?

Society trains gender roles.

How has your life been influenced?

The unknown gender-chalker (as I refer to them), drew bubbles connecting all the different sayings with "?'s" in them. Someone else wrote in this one, True dat! Start small, which I think is a great acknowledgment of what this artist did: something small that started a lot of conversation. Good for them, whoever they are.