Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Rant

So, basically, I'm pissed.

My roommate was flipping channels earlier, and she landed on the show Reaper, which is basically about a guy who sold his soul to the devil and has to do errands for him. So, on the episode today, there was this gem of a quote:

On seeing a supermodel, dead, because someone had thrown acid on her:
"Why would a woman do that to another woman?"
"Why else would a woman be this angry, the angriest? Jealousy."

Hardy Har Har.
Yeah, Reaper, because women don't get angry over politics, the environment, racism, abuse, religion, or, you know, sexism.

Aw, shit, I just did.


Amelia said...

That's just.......great. Good of you to catch that. The thing that I find kind of disturbing in some TV shows today is that there is a lot of misogyny that goes on, but sometimes I don't realize it AS I'm watching...it's not until later that it bothers me.

I wonder why that is? How can I, as a feminist who is usually pretty sensitive to these issues, just let things like that slide as the show is in progress? Dang. That bothers me.

Amelia said...

Also, great picture, Kate. haha.

Anyone who thinks that women only get mad when they're jealous obviously hasn't been to our blog...

Lindsay said...

It's obviously womanly raging hormones.

I was watching a home decoration show and the voice over said, "Will [the pregnant wife]'s raging hormones get in the way of the design project?" and then it cut to a clip of the wife calmly asking "Are you going to finish this on time?"