Thursday, April 17, 2008

Misogynist Movie Alert: 88 Minutes

Thanks to the Village Voice for warning everyone to avoid 88 Minutes, the new Al Pacino "thriller." I generally avoid critiquing movies before I see them (since that really takes out the whole point of critiquing it), but I'm not planning on seeing this EVER. It really just sounds like a vehicle that allows Al Pacino to run around with young women and avoid explosions.

Ella Taylor has this to say:
There is one way, however, in which, all unawares, the movie works like a charm—as a twisted, self-torturing essay on the aging man's fear of and desire for the young female body. We may have to sit through worse films to come this year, but with any luck, there'll be none as guilelessly, idiotically misogynist as this one.
If anyone has the stomach muscles to watch it and make it through without throwing up, let me know if it lives up to its misogynistic claims.

Props to Shakesville on this one.


Kate said...

Ugh. This looks awful. No what else looks like a really gross movie? That "Sarah Marshall" something or other movie.

Lindsay said...

I am, however, excited for Smart People.

Ryan Capuano said...

88 Minutes looked really terrible anyway.

Smart People was decent, but really crapped out on a lot of their ideas half-way through. It could have been a lot more.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall I wasn't too high on when I first heard of it, but it's being co-written by Judd Apatow, who did Knocked Up, Superbad, 40-Year-Old Virgin, etc., and it's getting excellent reviews:

Katie, hopefully Sarah Marshall turns out to be different than you're expecting, and going in, it looks like it is, so fingers crossed.