Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Contributor Introduction

Hey all! Amelia is letting me contribute to this lovely Feminist blog, so you'll be seeing more of my posts in the future. Just as an introduction, I am a young Philosophy/French major at my local university, and I do activism for our university Feminist organization frequently. I will be looking to complete my undergraduate thesis on domestic violence someone in the next year or so.

I have self-identified as a Feminist for only two years. My "conversion" was fueled mostly by the welcoming and awesome Women's Studies 101 class I took my Freshman year. I place myself on the radical side of feminism, à la Dworkin. I am anti-pornography, pro-choice, and generally just the kind of liberal that makes liberals look conservative.

I am really looking forward to contributing as much as a I can, and as constructively as possible. I am more interested in the theory side of Feminism, so you will probably see a lot of commentary in that vein. I am really honored to have the chance to contribute here!


Amelia said...

I am happy to have you here, Jen. :)

It would be interesting, sometime, to talk about pornography. In my Gender and Women's Studies 101 class at the beginning of this school year, we had to write a paper in which we either took an anti- or pro-pornography stance. I can see both sides of the argument, actually; my opinion on the matter is not completely formed.

But welcome, and thanks for your contributions already!

Kate said...

Welcome Jen!