Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Impersonator

The Female Impersonator has a new contributor and our first male voice. Ryan will be posting here semi-regularly, focusing mostly on issues in the entertainment industry.

He went to Rhode Island College and Columbia College in Chicago, focusing on screenwriting. He has written several screenplays and is currently trying to find a way to live in New York City. Ryan is excited to have an outlet for his feminist thoughts, and I know I'm interested to read them.

Please welcome a new perspective. His first post will be appearing tonight or tomorrow!


Amelia said...

Ryan I am excited!!! Post something now!! Please! I mean, no pressure...but seriously!! :)

Jen said...

I just love male feminists. Excuse me if I print out everything you write so I can show it to people while saying, "see! There are men that agree with us! People with penises that don't think we hate them!"

Andrew said...

Huzzah! Real men are hard to come by, and by real men, I mean males who will stand for what is right! We are a nation run by boys.

Lindsay said...

People with penises that don't think we hate them!"

I know! And here I thought the feminist gene was in the vag or something.