Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blogging about Disability links

One of my many academic interests includes disability studies, so I was excited to come across Blogging Against Disability Day.

It has lots of links to different debates within the field from employment to health care, language to literature.

And in case anyone's up in arms about what this has to do with feminism ('cause, you know, it's an island of a topic), here's a link to an article about Sexism and Personality Disorder Diagnoses.

Spread the word.


Amelia said...

You know what? I am sick of feminist blogs having to qualify everything that they write about. "This is a feminist issue because..." has to stop.

Who wrote the rule that says that feminist blogs can only write about women/sexism/the patriarchy/etc.? If you are a feminist and Blogging Against Disability Day is important to you, then a post about it deserves to be on this feminist blog.

What's going to happen if you don't qualify your posts? The big, bad feminist-blog-censors are going to get you?

Wait, that would be me. And I say it's fine. :)

Lindsay said...

It's moreso to the commeters who don't seem to understand that we live in a complex world where various aspects of our lives intersect and no person can be defined simply by gender, race, socio-economic status, ability, etc.

So... yes.

Lindsay said...
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