Thursday, May 15, 2008

Female Impersonators Radio Hour!

It looks like I know what I'm doing! Awesome.

Today. 4pm (Central).
Female Impersonators Radio Hour.
Featuring Kate and Amelia.
Plus awesome music and feminism!

Listen here.

It's the show that inspired this blog, so tune in and let us know what you think!


Jen said...

Hey, I just caught the radio show for the first time! Even if it was only the last 30 or so minutes (I am bad at time conversions). I loved the music and the feminist coverage, especially the horrible state of high school girl's teams and the Feminist of the Week.

Got to get those phone bugs out of the works though.

deb said...

Good job on the radio show today. You do need a tutoring session for the phones Amelia :)

Amelia said...

I'm happy that you got to listen, Jen! It's nice knowing that we have listeners. :)

And I know, Mom, I'm not good with technology. But we'll figure it out. ;D

Lindsay said...

Do you have any more shows before the end of the semester? I missed it this week!

Amelia said...

Next week (May 22) for sure. The week after that might be iffy, only because it's going to be coming up on finals. But the 22nd, we will definitely be on the air. :)