Thursday, May 29, 2008

Online Forum by UNFPA

I've started summer language class and a new job in the past week, so I've been kinda busy, but I wanted to pass this along. It's from Americans for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) about an online forum discussion about the 08 election and party/candidate positions:

Online forum: Are the world’s women part of our political agenda?

When: Tuesday, June 3rd, 1pm-4pm EST (first discussion period)
Where: RH Reality Check blog (
What: An online discussion of global women’s health and the Republican and Democratic Party platforms.

In this pivotal election year, we must make sure that the issues we care about are represented in the agendas of both candidates who seek to lead our nation.

To achieve that goal, we will be discussing global women’s health and women’s issues in general, and how they have been treated by the two major parties.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, our forum will begin with a video statement from Anika Rahman, President of Americans for UNFPA, and the insights of Democratic and Republican activists about their parties’ treatment of women’s issues. You are invited to join independent journalists in responding to Ms. Rahman’s statement and the activists’ insights, and to discuss the prospects for changing the treatment of women’s issues in 2008.

To help us have a count of the number of participants, please sign up in advance. RSVP through our Events Page.

And remember to log on to the forum between 1pm and 4pm EST on Tuesday, June 3rd.

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