Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Power of Repitition - McCain, Cunt, Cunt, McCain

I found this video on Feministe, and I actually laughed out loud when I saw it.

Here it is: "At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." - John McCain, to his wife, Cindy, in 1992.

I also thought it was interesting because when I wrote a post about this topic back in April, people accused me of taking a "slow news day" to dig deep into the candidate's past in order to discredit him with irrelevant information (read the post for more).



Michael said...

This video was hilarious. Found it on Fark the other day. Good times.

Habladora said...

Yup - I was skeptical, but I did laugh out loud. The hypocrisy here is that all the 'credible' news sites will run any rumor about Obama non-stop - without any need for evidence (no, really, my cousin's uncle's best friend's wife's sister was there and she heard her say 'whitey' - really!). But, yeah, when it comes to McCain, the rules are different...

Anonymous said...

So, does this mean you're against calling males "dick", "prick", "peckerhead", and "dickhead"?

Or are there simply special rules when it comes to insults based on female genitals, and not male?

Lindsay said...

I giggled a lot... Oh, John McCunt.

Amelia said...

Dear Anon,

I was waiting for the first "But what about TEH MENZ!?" comment. Congrats, that honor goes to you.

That discussion was already had on my previous post that I linked to in this one.

Please see it.

Anonymous said...

Saying "teh menz" is insulting and sexist. It makes you sound like you are denigrating people just for being men.

Shall I refer to any feminist article as someone whining "what about teh womenz?".

Bet you wouldn't care for that.

For one who claims to want equality, you're really, really quick to insult men just for being men.

Anonymous said...

Also: I read that attached post and it's comments.

Nowhere did anyone even respond to or acknowledge the male genitalia slurs.

I'm simply asking a valid question.

If you're against calling women cunt, are you against calling men various penis-derived insults?

Amelia said...

Alright, Anon, I'll discuss this with you because I suppose you do bring up some legit questions.

When I say "Teh Menz" it is not meant to be an insult to men in general. Not at all. It IS meant to be directed at people who come to a feminist blog, read a post, and then leave comments that do not further the particular discussion at hand, but instead try to divert attention away from the sexism women face.

See, Anon, your comment did not even acknowledge that women face a lot of sexist language. Instead, you immediately turned it into "What about when men are called x, y,z?" That is a common tactic that people use on feminist blogs, and one that often warrants a "What about teh menz!?" response.

Just so you know.
That's all I'll say about that for now, since you comments did not address the topic at hand.

Anonymous said...

I did address it. When someone attacks sexist, genitalia-derived insults, I want to know if they're against ALL of them, or just the ones based on women.

Amelia said...

Hmm, let me try this, Anon.

Can you come to a feminist blog and discuss the issues at hand without trying to make it seem as if the feminists practice reverse-sexism? If not, you don't really need to comment here.

Anonymous said...

You're very carefully dodging the question.

I shall then assume that you're against words like "cunt" and "twat", and probably regularly endorse and use "dick", "peckerhead", "cock", and "dickhead".

That's all I wanted to know, really.

Lindsay said...

I'm against a husband calling his wife a cunt, especially someone in front of a bunch of reporters.

Maybe the McCains have a shared, inside joke about the word cunt or maybe it's a pet name or something like that. However, we're not aware of that so just evaluating the situation on the knowledge at hand, it seems as if McCain is insulting his wife by calling her a whore and a cunt. Add in the fact that this man has a well-known history of having a bad temper, and I'm not comfortable with it at all.

Generally I'd say if you don't have one or you're not looking at/referring directly to the physical genitalia of someone comfortable with the word, try and avoid using cunt.

Renee said...

Oddly enough I also posted this video yesterday, however what I noticed was that the anonymous black male immediately fixated in on race over sexism. I think that this speaks to the often ignored black male patriarchy.

Amelia said...

Anon, that will be the last comment of yours that I will allow through moderation because, as you have illustrated, you are doing nothing more than making calculated moves to derail this comment thread and you also carefully dodged my question about that tactic.

Go ahead and assume what you wish to assume about me. But remember, it's merely an assumption and will not win you many arguments.

I refuse to answer questions from people who are trying to derail conversations. Period.

Renee said...

good for you amelia...people like anon really need to be told.