Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Women

Apparently The Women is getting some marketing legs after Sex and the City's badass blowout this weekend. Are studio execs finally getting the hint that women likes movies too?

Only flaw I can see is that the plotline hinges on a man's infidelity. Otherwise, hilarious. I loved this trailer and I hope the film doesn't disappoint me. Plus, I f'ing love Candice Bergen. Whenever I see her on screen, a little part of me inside gets really, really excited and giddy.

It should be out in early September.

h/t to Women & Hollywood.


lynnAlexander said...

By the time I get to watch this it will be two years from now and it will be in a netflix envelope.

I just have too many things to see!

Anonymous said...

See the original 1939 version. It rocks!

Anonymous said...

I have issues with the way they use Eva Mendes as the floozy who took the man away. Why does it always have to be an over-sexualized Latina that's taking the man away from a white woman?

tessarae said...

it's being directed by a writer who wrote 37 episodes of murphy brown. that seals it for me - i'm totally going to see it.

Lindsay said...

Can we go together, Tessa? Date night!

tessarae said...

dear lindsay,