Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was driving home today and saw two horrible things:
1. A bumper sticker that read, "R: Restricted; No Fat Chicks"
2. A pink Hummer



Amelia said...

lol...I laughed about the pink Hummer. Hummers in general make me go "eewwwww." Pointless status symbols.

And yeah. One time when I was walking to the pharmacy in Galesburg, I saw a bumper sticker (and tried to get a pic, but it didn't work) that was like "Marriage is for" and it had a picture of a man and a woman.


Michael said...

But was the bumper sticker ON the pink hummer?

Kacie said...

My boyfriend has two friends who have a paper bag tacked to their wall that says "No ugly chicks" on it.

I refuse to go anywhere near their place anymore.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a Hummer is an abomination, but what difference does it make if it's pink?

Pellegrina said...

I see your pink Hummer and raise you a pink stretch Hummer.