Thursday, July 31, 2008

HollaBack CT!!!

If you live in the Connecticut area, take a look at HollaBack CT, from feministgal at Oh, You're a FEMINIST?!.

I seriously love HollaBacks - they empower people by giving them a means to react in a safe manner to their street harassment. In a harassment situation that's completely about power, someone may not be comfortable enough to say something, or it may not be safe to.

In May, Mildred Beaubrun ignored catcalls from a car of men at a gas station, and they shot her and her friends. She died. All because they wouldn't give out their phone numbers.

It's not safe anymore for women in public. HollaBack is a great, safe place for venting and alerting other people to the creepy people out there who think that women's bodies are public property.

So check HollaBack CT out, even if you don't live in Connecticut.


FeministGal said...

Lindsay, you totally rock <3

Amelia said...

I love HollaBacks, too. Kate and I discussed them when we talked about street harassment on our radio show last year (I think we may have discussed Mildred as well, or a similar case, if not hers). We had a guest speaking with us that day, and out of the three of us, I was the only person who had never been catcalled in public.

Good post, Lindsay. This is a great place to give publicity to something so empowering.

Lindsay said...

One day I got so mad because someone called me "baby" on the bus just as I was getting off (so I couldn't yell at him) and I spent the whole time walking to work fuming because of his presumption. Then, when I got to work, my boss walked past my desk and said, "Smile. You should smile more." First off, it's not my fault my face naturally falls into a position of not smiling, and second, I bet he's never been told to smile more. Asswipe. It just wasn't a good day to publicly comment on me and the state of my facial features.

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