Thursday, August 14, 2008

Julia Child: WW2 spy

Just heard about this today during happy hour, and it made me a whole lot happier: Julia Child was a spy during World War II. AWESOME.

Badass Julia Child

Take that bitches -you can totally bake a cake and protect your country from the Nazis at the same time.

I'm sure we'll hear more about her service as the report becomes widely disseminated, but for now, let's celebrate the awesomeness that is Julia Child.


Habladora said...

Yeah, I forget when I first heard about this, but it is pretty sweet ;) Is there an autobiography I can read?

Take that, 007...

Renee said...

Julia was one awesome woman. A career woman in the time she lived, and very successful as well. She spent countless hours mentoring female chefs and many today say that they would not be in the business were it not for here. To hear that she was a spy on top of it all just adds to her awesomeness.

Amelia said...