Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Personal Finance Blogs by Women

Although I've had problems with some of Wise Bread's articles before, this is one I can fully endorse. They've complied a list of women-authored personal finance/frugal living blogs, a pretty long list that covers all sorts of special interests from young women to women with families, women living in big cities and women in the 'burbs.

They're starting discussions in their forum specifically addressing issues facing women PF bloggers. It sounds pretty interesting and is a great resource for someone wanting to start reading more about personal finance or start their own site. Trust me, if you read personal finance blogs on a regular basis, it'll help you be more aware of where your income goes and ways to improve your financial situation.

Here are some of my own favorite women-authored personal finance/frugal living blogs:

The Economical Academic - I'm not sure if it's all women contributors, but it's personal finance from people in grad school or academia.
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds - Sometimes she gets a bit caught up in established gender dichotomys, but her finance advice is always useful.
Feminist Finance - Pretty self-explanatory.
wpersonalfinance - Another network for women's personal finances
Give Me Back My Five Bucks - A young woman living in Canada who is currently searching for a new job, so that's interesting to follow.
Stacking Pennies - I've linked to her before about birth control costs and I still like her posts.

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