Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Radio DJs suck part 2 (except for the feminist ones)

On Kool 108 in the Twin Cities today:

Radio DJ: "It was Barack Obama's birthday yesterday! He had a party and it was BYOB - Bring Your Own Burka! Did you know people still think he's a Muslim? Ha ha!"

Hmmm, maybe people think he's a Muslim because of assholes like you? Just maybe.

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Amelia said...

Thanks for calling out more bullshit on the radio. It needs to be done more often. When I called the DJ about his sexism (detailed in my post) he seemed to think that he could get away with anything because he was on the radio, and he was only kidding. Like adding "ha ha!" to the end of a sentence keeps it from being offensive/ignorant/just plain wrong. Not cool.

And also, thanks a lot for the title. haha. I like to think that Kate and I have a nice radio show. ;)