Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help save Bitch!

Renee over at Womanist-Musings just wrote a post that brought to my attention the fact that Bitch Magazine needs to raise $40K by October 15 if they want to continue producing their amazing magazine. Bitch is non-profit and represents a valuable form of feminist media that I would hate to see silenced. Any size donation can make a difference. Donate here.


kelly g. said...


I love, love, LOVE Bitch magazine!

Ms. is published so infrequently that most of their news is old news by the time it arrives in my mailbox, and Bust is mostly fluffyfun feminism (not to mention, in their last issue, they used the term "sex scene" to describe a depiction of rape in a film - WTF!?) - but Bitch is just right.

I was distraught enough when Satya folded; I don't know what I'll do if Bitch disappears too! (Well, ok, I do: I'll bitch, natch.)


deb said...

Amelia, just bought you a subscription to Bitch magazine,
Hope you get a chance to enjoy it.

grow little dog, grow!!!

kelly g. said...

Me again :)

I just watched the vid, and their mention of Herbivore broke my heart all over.

I tossed 'em $50. Thanks for spreading the word. I'm a subscriber, but somehow this is the first I've heard of it.