Friday, September 12, 2008

"my cause is to take responsibility for every different place i wake up in and to not keep love like a secret"

I feel like I've got to choose whose side I'm on
and the police made it easier when they surrounded me in full riot gear
while I was riding my pink bicycle
First, they called me a liar
then they ran my I.D
looking me up and down like I'm some threat to national security
while they were the ones hiding in the bushes

No justice
No peace
whose streets...?

I wondered standing on the curb with a cigarette
watching yesterdays crowd become surrounded
while so many voices point out that this doesn't look like America
say they didn't think they'd ever see this our city
and the real cynics reply
get used it

An excerpt from a poem written by Ruth Kohtz, a girl I went college with. She's fantastic and I loved loved loved her one woman show at my undergrad. I'm so eager to hear people's experiences from the RNC, so if anyone wants to share on the blog, just drop me a line.

Check out the whole thing here.

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Amelia said...

I really like that excerpt. It feel very real - excellent for any kind of writing.

And thanks for reminding me that I need to work on my article for my school's newspaper about my RNC experience. Bah.