Monday, September 29, 2008

VP Debate Drinking Game

In preparation for Thursday's debate...

The Biden/Palin Vice-Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

One drink:
Palin calls herself a hockey mom
Biden mentions George Bush
Palin says "thanks but no thanks" in any context
Either candidate says:

Two drinks:
Palin is unable to give specific examples for McCain/Republican policies
Bident insults Obama or the Democratic party
Either candidate references "Wall Street" or "Main Street"
Either candidate mispronounces a foreign leader's name
Either candidate tries to convince people energy dependence is the number 1 foreign policy issue
Either candidate uses proximity to foreign borders as an example of foreign policy experience
Either candidate actually looks at one another

Finish your drink:
Palin mentions George Bush (by name)
Palin tears off her face, revealing her as a Terminator
Palin is actually Tina Fey
Biden's face turns bright red and then explodes
Gwen Ifill, pissed off by both candidates, storms off state while muttering to herself
Biden unhinges his jaw and swallows Palin whole

Leave suggestions in the comments!


Amelia said...

Dang it. Two of this blog's writers are only 19! haha We can't have any fun.

ShamelessFeminist said...

i think "if palin mentions hunting" should be added to the list...

or anything about not "second guessing Israel" lol

Michael said...

Just drink water instead! That doesn't totally ruin the premise of the drinking game or anything! Not at all!

lisa said...

Tequila shots for all if anyone mentions lipstick. (And it's a good thing that some of you are only 19 because that's about the age I ceased being able to handle tequila shots.)

Renee said...

I don't think my liver would survive your drinking game.

FeministGal said...

I am SO in! Just send help if you don't hear from me the next day :)

Habladora said...

Yes, I'll be playing. Thanks for this - I think I'll need it to just get through the evening.