Friday, October 24, 2008

12 year old pregnant girl missing - please help

EDIT: Tekenya Wooten found

Here's the email I received from Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez:

The Durham Police Department has been actively trying to locate Tekenya Wooten since she was last reported missing from the group home where she resides. It is clear that she left on her own accord. The investigation of this runaway is continuing with any and all leads being fully followed. We have enlisted the help of our community partners in an effort to locate Ms. Wooten, to include the Bus System and Mall/Shopping Centers security. Available information and photograph has been forwarded to all media outlets in the area. Although this case does not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert (, the Durham Police Department is very concerned about her welfare.

Due to Juvenile privacy laws I am limited in the information that I can release but I can say that:

· Since September, 2008 the Durham Police Department has investigated three separate incidents of Ms. Wooten walking away from this same group home.

· The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy has been addressed in the jurisdiction that the incident occurred.

· Ms. Wooten’s information has been entered in NCIC, each time that she has been reported missing.

All runaways place themselves in harm’s way and as such the Durham Police Department puts every effort forward to locate them and return them to their residences.

During this writing, I have been informed that moments ago Tekenya Wooten has been located and taken into custody by a Durham Police Officer on Patrol who recognized her as she walked down the street.

Thank you for your interest and concern in this matter.

Jose L. Lopez, Sr.
Chief of Police
Durham Police Department


Renee's right: "A missing 12 year old pregnant girl is an emergency."

Black and Missing:
Durham Police are looking for Tekenya Wooten, 12. She is believed to have run away from her home at 3529 Manford Drive.
Wooten is black, stands 4 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 100 pounds. She is eight months pregnant.
When last seen, she was wearing a white
T-shirt, blue jeans and silver shoes.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts should contact Detective T.M. Ochman at 919-560-4440 ext. 289 or Durham Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.

Here's more contact information, thanks to Renee:

Durham PD -Cheif Jose Lopez, Sr. of the Durham Police Department 919- 560-4322

Durham City Manager- Thomas Bonfield (919)560-4222

Mayor of Durham (919) 560-4333 ext. 269

Durham Child Protective Services (919) 560-8424 ( This is run by Durham COUNTY)


Kacie said...

Durham isn't that far from me. Christ this is messed up. I will have my eyes peeled.

Anonymous said...

That email from the police chief is standing on my last nerve. Is he trying to paint her as a repeat offender? Dude, did you ever think that if she's run away 3 times already, there might be a really good reason for her doing that?

At least you scored a reply from him--I was not so "lucky"--but good NIGHT, sir, that was smug and offensive.

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I thought his words, while official, really suggested that they didn't care in the least because she's run away before. How long has she been living in the group home? Did she get pregnant while living there? Is there maybe more to this story than we know?

If someone's sick, you don't treat the symptoms - you treat the disease. Perhaps the same applies here.