Friday, November 14, 2008

Fashion is STILL not political news

Aw, hell no.

Slate has up an article today titled: Fashion advice for Michelle Obama, with slideshow.

We've been over this before. Fashion and hairstyles are not political news. If you're covering a fashion designer's new winter line, then yes. That's news. But if you're offering your "advice" to someone who doesn't make a career in fashion, then it's not. It's just ridiculous and sexist.

Michelle Obama is an intelligent, passionate, hard-working woman who doesn't need someone writing about her clothing choices. I think the only person who should be critiquing her wardrobe is her stylist, and I'm almost certain that person wouldn't be writing about it for Slate.

So one more time with me: Fashion is not political news, or almost any news in general.


Amelia said...

Arrrgh. Good post, Lindsay.

You know what might make fashion into news? People like Hillary and Michelle going out in really really awful clothing (idk, define "awful" how you will) as a big "FUCK YOU!" to all these news sources that make pointless, sexist comments about the way they dress and then sell it as "news."

Rj said...

I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Then again, I don't even like when Britney Spears or any other woman is on the news because of all the bashing. Actually, I really don't like the news at all. LOL

Habladora said...

Yeah, you're really right, L. It also annoys me when 'women's sites' like the new Yahoo site for the ladies feel like they have to have one fashion piece for every intelligent item. This is what you think of us, world? Really?

Lindsay said...

Ladies only like reading about fashion... or fashion and other stuff. I was recently looking at layouts for my personal blog and it drove me crazy about how any layout with pink, flowers, stars or stuff like that would be described as a "feminine" layout or one that women would like. Ugh! It's not like they listed the blue or green layouts as masculine... although I kinda hope they do just to put into stark contrast how ridiculous it is to say something is for women because of the flowers. Or fashion.

kelly g. said...

Even worse, the media is already pulling this shit with little Sasha and Malia. CNN, for example, has been running a Jeannie Moss (sp?) segment about the dresses the girls have worn, and how the "indy" designers can't keep up with the demand.

Way to get 'em early.

Michael said...

Forget the media, check THIS out.

Lindsay said...

Arg, stupid people perpetuating stereotypes.

Thanks for the headsup.