Sunday, November 9, 2008

Protest Prop 8 on November 15

People all across the country will be protesting California's passage of Proposition 8 banning marriage equality this Saturday, November 15. Congregate at your town hall at 10:30 PST/1:30 EST and show the United States that we won't stand for institutionalized hate and inequality.

Join the Impact is the main site for organizing and disseminating information regarding Saturday's protests. You can find information there about how to locate your nearest protest or organize your own. Queers United has a collection of other protests, lots in California and for you Minnesotans, at the Capital in St. Paul on Tuesday, November 11 at 3:30.

If the events of the past week have shown us anything, we can make a change, so let's work towards marriage equality and striking down the hate inherent in Prop 8.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting info about this. I haven't checked out Join the Impact yet, because it seems to be down - must be getting tons of hits! And that's a good sign, right?

Hopefully there will be something going on in Austin. I don't see why there wouldn't be, though. I'll definitely join in!

Jason said...

Prop 8 is a huge step backwards for individual liberty. People who supported Prop 8 are complicit in the criminality of totalitarianism. Why do these people think that they have rights to conform certain people to their way of life?

Prop 8 should have been rejected by anyone who has any respect for individual rights. It saddens me greatly more and more people are taking up the collectivist mindset.
Thank you for this post.

Allan said...

Guys there is a great LGBT civil rights organization called the Empowering Spirits Foundation. They are very creative in how they approach this hot topic issue, in that they engage in service oriented activities in communities typically opposed to equal rights to foster thought and change for LGBT equality.

A friend of mine told me about it and I thought it was a great, positive approach to the issue. We had so much fun at the last event and it was great to give back to the community. Plus it was great to converse with others on the other side of the table in a way that wasn't confrontational.

Anyway, this can be such a heated issue and I thought this was a unique approach.