Sunday, November 2, 2008


I can't wait until Tuesday.
I can't wait to vote.

I met Barack Obama two years ago in D.C. He called me young lady and took a picture with me.
I canvassed for him in Iowa before the primaries, knocking on doors for an afternoon.
Amelia and I have a little shrine to him in our room with lots of pictures of Michelle and him.
I read the newspaper everyday, and the New York Times website is my homepage.
I blog.

I am engaged in the political process.
Thanks Alice Paul.

Eighty-eight years ago women got the right to vote and the right to be actively engaged in the political process. Alice Paul led the National Woman's Party in picketing, hunger strikes, and civil disobedience during suffrage. Her hunger strike campaign and the subsequent public outrage had a deep influence on the Nineteenth Amendment. She was a revolutionary, and she is still not well-known. She is a large part of the reason I can cast my vote on Tuesday, and I want to thank her.

"Mr. President, how long must women wait for their liberty? Let us have the rights we deserve?"


Amelia said...

Yay. Great post, Kate. :)

Lindsay said...

One of the great things about the election season is reading all the personal stories about people voting. People voting for the first time, people voting after experience voter disenfranchisement in their past, children being aware of politics and anticipating turning 18 so they can vote, people getting excited about politics and people believing in the process again.

It's really awesome and inspiring.