Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter 745

I was voter number 745 this afternoon at my polling station. After voting, I went outside and passed out information on Question 1 for the rest of the afternoon. Here's what I'll remember about today:

  • Walking into vote, a young boy asking me if I was going to vote for Obama.
  • The older gentleman who shook all of the poll stander's hands as he walked out of the polling station, saying he was going to tell his children and grandchildren about that day.
  • The two men and older woman trying to convince voters to vote for their candidate for state representative, shouting names after them as they walk to vote
  • The boys and young men playing basketball next to the school, watching their community come together to make their voice heard
  • When I said, "Vote no on Question 1," the man saying, "Oh, the question that wants to gut my rights?"
  • The 13 year old daughter of a local campaign manager arguing local politics with the two men trying to get people to vote for a write-in candidate
  • The 5 year old granddaughter of another poll stander who couldn't read everything she was handing out, but could read the word "vote"
  • The group of youth doing a recording for a local radio program, one who said while walking away, "I wish I was old enough to vote..."

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