Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dance Dance Party Party Awesome Awesome

Want to dance but hate clubs that are filled with smoke and men just looking to get laid? Check out Dance Dance Party Party, which is a 80 minute, judgment free, woman-only, alcohol-free dance zone.

In an article in the Twin Cities Daily Planet, Den mother of the Minneapolis chapter (there are groups in cities all across the country) Megan Krejny explains it like this:

“Most importantly, there is no judgment. You are not allowed to judge the fellow dancers and most of all, you aren’t allowed to judge yourself. Also—there is no talking. I know, you want to dance and talk to your friends, but believe me, it’s for the best.”
How awesome is that? I really wish there was a chapter where I live... if anything I'll have to wait until I move back to the M-SP.

Personally, I'll take Dance Dance Party Party as a woman-friendly dance workout over those pole dancing classes some places offer.


Megan said...

The link to the Twin Cities DDPP isn't connected to the main site yet.

Check out:

Jayunderscorezero said...

Sounds awesome. Much better than the supposedly "female friendly" nights near where I live, which really are just a ploy to attract greater numbers of women for that same subset of men that you just mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Because women NEVER go to bars looking for sex!

All women just want to do is dance! They're never interested in sex.

Way to perpetuate the stereotype of "all men want sex, no women really want sex".

Is this a feminist blog? Could have sworn it was. Yet you're sitting there parroting old, tired stereotypes about both men and women.

Sexist and offensive.

lindsay said...

Did I ever say "All women should go to DDPP because I think bars suck"? No. I'm sure some people go out for the purpose of meeting someone - men and women alike.

However, I wanted to show attention to something that was positive for an all-female crowd. I'm just not quite sure where you moved from the good aspects of DDPP to the negative stereotypes associated with women, bars and drinking. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I'm baffled.