Sunday, January 18, 2009

39 hours, 47 minutes, 7 seconds

I first added a "Bush: time left in office" countdown application to my Firefox browser shortly after beginning to use Firefox... I think that was in 2005 or 2006. The number of days left in office was still high, years off. But it was reassuring to see the number drop day by day, steadily. Last week the application changed to an hourly countdown.

Right now, Bush has 39 hours, 47 minutes and 7 seconds still left as president.

A new day is on the horizon... it's almost here!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for inauguration?


logic said...

Everytime you put your hopes in a man, you'll be surely disappointed.

lindsay said...

It's not so much the man but the hope that he inspires - things like or or this story: People excited about community service and participating in government? I'll take that over wiretapping, torture and starting wars under false pretenses with no exit strategies any day.

Irishgirl said...

I'm sorry, I just don't like the guy. There's too much expectation and I don't think he's that much of a liberal. (Spiked had a good article on it.) He'll probably be better than Bush but that's not exactly an achievement, is it?

INTPanentheist said...

I don't think he's as much of a liberal as I would like, but I still like him, and he is the best we will get. I think his intentions are good, and I think he will try his best to do right by this country - with those of us on the left holding his feet to the fire.

I want it to be tomorrow.

Amelia said...

I'm sure we'll have our moments of disappointment with Obama, but I also agree that he has good intentions and will do his best to fix up the country.

Because I cannot even begin to imagine all the directions which politics pulls people in office, I will not be too harsh on him until he makes it clear that has has abandoned the principles that I once felt inspired to see in him.

But, I will not give him a free ride. If he messes up something big, I will call him on it.

To be completely honest though, I'm looking forward to the next four years.