Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bret Michaels and Modern "Love"

I am not the only person who writes for this blog who cannot stand Bret Michaels and his show Rock of Love on VH1.

I admit that I watched the first season of Rock of Love. I was intrigued. Bret Michaels is the lead singer of the band Poison. I like Poison. So I watched as this man tried to find love. I quickly became disappointed with Michaels' contradictions.

Michaels' said he was looking for love (which I don't believe one can find on reality T.V.), and at the very same time he made no effort to hide his "rock star" (AKA sleeping with lots of women, drinking, partying, etc.) lifestyle.

He really began to disgust me when he would say that he was looking for a woman with a good head on her shoulders, someone with substance, and then the first thing he would compliment the women on were their "smokin' hot" bodies. It was like he was saying that even if a woman had a great mind, the most important thing (and thusly, the first aspect of her person that is complimented) is her body and her appearance.

Now in its third season, Michaels' seems to be dropping (slightly) the idea that he's looking for a woman with a good head on her shoulders. Now with Rock of Love Bus, it is more obvious than ever that he's just looking for someone to fit his lifestyle...or someone to party and sleep with.

I was most upset with the messed up message about love that Bret Michaels' sent through this show. He made it clear that he was looking for love and that love = having raunchy sex with as many women as possible.

The idea that sex = love is problematic especially for younger people who are likely watching the apparently popular show. Sex does have emotional consequences, and if young people go into a relationship thinking that sex = love, they are likely to dive into sex that their relationship might not be prepared to deal with. And that can lead to other problems with relationships down the road.

Frankly, after seeing this garbage on T.V., coupled with the enormous sex taboo in this country, I am worried. Maybe I'm being pessimistic when I say this, but I don't think people really understand how to have meaningful relationships. Even girls in grade school are trying to be "sexy" to get attention from the boys their age. This idea that sex is the answer to everything in a relationship is messed up, and Bret Michaels' is being irresponsible, and so is VH1 for airing trash that promotes this idea three seasons in a row.


Norma Jean Hatfield-McCoy said...


If I may dispense with snark for a moment only...I realize that spineless cretins overwhelmingly inhabit the executive offices of most networks, and that they are all too willing to whore themselves out for the almighty dollar, but at what point do they draw the line??

Obviously dreck like this makes money else it wouldn't air.

But at what point over the last 20 years did VH1 and its shitstain sister MTV dispense with even the appearance of supporting healthy female role models?

Other than the occasional video by Pink, these networks revel in dredging up the worst that pop culture has to offer...again I heave a heavy sigh.

I had a long, overly moralistic comment to make, but simply lost hope halfway through.

Back to my pseudonymous wild rantings, I suppose.

It's slightly less depressing.

-Norma Jean

T. R Xands said...

Maybe I'm being pessimistic when I say this, but I don't think people really understand how to have meaningful relationships.

I don't think that's pessimistic at all. Or at least, I agree with you. I'm really starting to wonder what a "relationship" is supposed to consist of anymore myself. I mean, I have theories...

And what's worse, if I'm not mistaken, doesn't Bret have at least one daughter? Me and my mother watched some eps from the second season to riff on them, and the whole time I'm like "Dude can you please just go home and raise your child?" On second thought maybe not eh? I'm hoping I'm just hallucinating about him having any kids because he obviously doesn't care much about the image he's sending them.

...well then again, I guess he's hardly the only person to do these silly romance shows with kids.

(dropping by, hellooo~)

Amelia said...

Oh geez, I never caught anything about him having a kid, but that wouldn't necessarily surprise me.

But his behavior would, if he does in fact have a child. Because it does send a poor message.

Thanks for stopping by, both of you. :)

Bret Michaels is... said...

...a douche bag.