Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bride Wars - Because every woman desires marriage so she can free her inner crazy beotch

Just saw the trailer for the movie Bride Wars, and here are some reasons I will not be seeing it.

1) Seemed to make a huge deal out of marriage. Marriage, apparently, is totally worth trying to make your best friend miserable over. Sounds like a pretty special deal, even though many people in this country either choose not to marry or legally cannot marry.

2) The "Bride-zilla" stereotype. Where brides-to-be can't help but be super-bitchy because it's their day to be given away to their husband, damn it, and it has to be exactly the way they want it! How can my BFF have her wedding on the same day as mine!? Ah!

3) The just plain catty woman stereotype. Could someone please explain to me the appeal of watching a movie full of two friends trying to coerce each other into changing their wedding dates through humiliation?

4) "Your wedding will be huge. Just like your ass at prom." Yep. Because all women can relate to (and find hiiiilarious) low-blows about a female's body. Nice touch.

Okay, so I guess I'm judging the film only be a two minute trailer, but I am firm in my resolve to not see this movie.

I know films have always been a form of escape from everyday life, and for the most part they cater to the wants of those who pay to see them. For me, the worrisome question becomes this: Why do people seem to want to watch women be cruel to each other or be objectified and needlessly sexualized in movies?


lindsay said...

This movie trailer drives me crazy! I'm with you - I have no idea why people think this is the stuff people want to see. At least we know it'll pass the Bechtel test - they'll be talking about how much they hate each other.

Stef said...

Dear God this movie makes me crazy and its not even in theaters yet...I can't see how marriage is the most amazing moment in a woman's life. "Hey, let's spend $100,000 on frilly shit, so I can do the exact same thing I've been doing with this person I love. But now, us living together is socially acceptable."

And you have every right to judge this movie based on the trailer. I did.

Anonymous said...

That's the same reason I wouldn't watch Mamma Mia!, sort of.

You need a flawless wedding or your life won't be complete!
You need to have an imposing paternal figure or your life won't be complete (even though you're an adult who was successfully raised without one)!

FeministGal said...

That movie looks terrible, it's like someone thought up all the stereotypes that would piss off feminists and made a movie out of them. haha... yea, no thanks!

Happy New Year, ladies!! :)

floreta said...

i concur. this looks even worse than "27 Dresses" which I admit I went to see at the theatre..

but yeah, i had the same reaction when i saw the trailer. no way will i ever see this crap movie!!