Sunday, February 8, 2009


Since I had a really great weekend, here's an awesome clip from Angus. His great speech is about 3 minutes in.

Angus: I'm still here, *asshole*! I'll *always* be here!
[begins to violently push Rick across the dance floor]
Angus: You push me down and I'll get right back up again, and again, and *again*, and *again* and * again*!
[Rick falls, hitting his head on the steps to the stage]
Angus: I could beat you *right* here, *right* now! But *I don’t want* to be better than you, Rick! *I don’t want* to be better than *anybody*! I want to be who I *am*: a *fat* kid, who's good at science, and fair at football. That's who I *am*! I can *live* with it. Why can't you?
Rick: Because it's not normal. *You’re* not normal.
Angus: And who is? You?
Rick: You bet your ass.
Angus: And so what? to be normal, we all have to be like YOU? There are 400 people in this room that are *nothing* like you! Some of them are fat, some of them are skinny. Some of them are tall, some of them are short. Some of them have braces, some of them have birth marks, or scars, or frizzy hair, or *ears that stick out*! But most of them probably walk through these halls *every day*, never telling anybody the truth about what they really want, or need, or believe, because people like you, *normal* people like *you*, have them *terrified* of being who they are. I mean, if *you’re* normal, what does that make them? So which is it, Rick? Are you normal? Or are you just one of us?
Rick: Whatever I am, it's something you're never gonna be.
Angus: Thank God.

Also, the opening sequence with Love Spit Love's "Am I Wrong" with a marching band is just good music.

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