Monday, March 16, 2009

I heart Meghan McCain vol. 2

I know I've said it before, but I'm kinda in love with Meghan McCain. In her latest post at The Daily Beast, she writes:
I have been teased about my weight and body figure since I was in middle school, and I decided a very long time ago to embrace what God gave me and live my life positively, attempting to set an example for other girls who may suffer from body image issues. I have nothing to hide: I am a size 8 and fluctuated up to a size 10 during the campaign. It’s ridiculous even to have this conversation because I am not overweight in the least and have a natural body weight.

But even if I were overweight, it would be ridiculous. I expected substantive criticism from conservative pundits for my views, particularly my recent criticism of Ann Coulter. That is the nature of political discourse, and my intent was to generate discussion about the current problems facing the Republican Party. Unfortunately, even though Ingraham is more than 20 years older than I and has been a political pundit for longer, almost, than I have been alive, she responded in a form that was embarrassing to herself and to any woman listening to her radio program who was not a size 0.

I have boundless respect for Meghan McCain. If she becomes a major voice in the Republican Party in the future, I think conservatives and liberals will have really substantive discussions and we might actually get stuff done and respect each other at the same time. Crazy, huh?

So from me to you - much love, Meghan.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading her comments and they were very right on. Did you see how her dad sold her down the river. When they asked what the thought about the situation he reported that his family does not always "agree" on political views.

Yeah, people are calling your daughter derogatory names and you can't at least say that it's inappropriate

jennifer said...

I, too, am a new fan of hers. Thanks, Laura Ingrhram, for bringing Meghan to my attention! ;-)

Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

I am glad she responded with such a strong stance on being body positive no matter what the weight of the person is. It makes me happy as someone who struggled with an eating disorder for 6 years but is now in love with my body!

Renee said...

Yeah even though she is a republican I admire her ability to speak truthfully about her beliefs. If the GOP have a chance at staying relevant it is going to have to hand over to leadership to women like McCain.

Anonymous said...

That ppl make her feel fat when she is a size 8. I know she lives in a political, high profile family, but still. Maybe they would get more attention if they just....oh, never mind.