Sunday, March 29, 2009

Limbaugh thinks "dikes" in Red River flooding HILARIOUS

“I heard some top-of-the-hour news, and it made me feel uncomfortable. It’s about the flooding in Fargo, North Dakota, brought on by the melting snowpack and the icepack. [Reading from news item]: ‘As the Red River threatens to overflow, they’re filling in the dikes.’ Isn’t there a more appropriate word? Do we have to say, I mean, we don’t have any dikes here. The ‘dykes’ are over there. … They’re filling in the dikes. Couldn’t we change that to ‘they’re filling in the contingencies’ or something? … We really need to change that word. … Hey, would you dykes in North Dakota give me a call and let me know how the flooding is going?”

Hey a-hole, those dikes are saving lifes and saving property, probably put in place by people who don't appreciate your humor. I bet some of those people are even lesbians (dykes, some may say) and gay and bi and trans and allies and straight.

So shut the f up until you graduate 6th grade, mmmkay?

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Ashley said...

Wow, I live in Minnesota and we constantly deal with flooding. Dike is a word just like dam, but clearly he still laughs when he hears the word butt too. And in the meantime, lives are being lost because he can't grow up.

The fact that this guy is a "leader" of the conservative party makes me look down on them all.