Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I don't (normally) miss TV: Part one

I was about to turn off the TV a while ago when I saw this advertisement for Heineken beer. It was the same commercial, but what it said at the end was different on T.V. than it was on the YouTube clip. (And no, it wasn't "verry funny")



Anonymous said...

Another example of mindless advertising that so pervades and infests our world. I avoid TV as much as I can due to the immense number of ads that are just fucking everywhere.

Its not just ads like these, but so many other ads that not only reinforce stereotypes, but also promotes endless consumerism and the mentality that if one cannot live without so and so, then our lives are pointless.

i hope that one day there will be laws or policies against TOO MUCH and MINDLESS advertising.

FeministGal said...

The thing i hate most is when i try to point out BLATANT sexism in commercials and ads people tell me i can't take a joke :/

Nicki said...

I really didn't notice the stereotyping honestly, it's a beer commercial...the reason the commercial gets my insta-mute is the incessant SCREAMING! It's freakin' annoying! :)