Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog for Fair Pay Day - Fact #3

FACT: You can do something about the wage gap! Write to your Senators about passing the Paycheck Fairness Act. This act will help strengthen the existing laws against wage discrimination and will give the federal government the resources needed so it can be more proactive about correcting this problem. The bill already passed the House of Representatives. Now it's time to urge the Senate to act.

Want to learn more before you take action? More information here and here.

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Anonymous said...

The fair wage gap is something I have always been heard about but never knew the reason behind it. what are the reasons? is it solely because of male-dominated environment (or patriarchy)? or is because of laissez faire capitalism ?

i did read a while ago that women who do not choose to have children (or woman who are single) actually earn the same as men if they have the same experience and qualifications; and that the main reason behind the gap in wages is due to the fact that companies or (workforces) hesitate in hiring woman who are pregnant, who have young children or who are recently married (because that apparently means they may get pregnant soon). the reason being that they do not want to lose able workers (and thus lose money) over children or potential children. this leads to the fact that the US is the worst among industrialized nations in providing paid maternity leave. what do you think? i reckon that laissez faire capitalism is the main culprit.

if you could provide me with links to reasons for the unequal wage gaps, i would love it!