Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogging break... but not yet

I'm a few weeks out from finishing my master's degree - yay! In order to concentrate on my final papers, I'm going to duck out from here for awhile. Just a few weeks, until my life stops being crazy and starts being ... less crazy. I'll be back by early May, promise.

But before I go, here's something that pissed me off recently.

Science blogger P.Z. Meyers suggested a new piece of Catholic iconography that he believes would get more people to go to church:

He writes,
Somehow, I was also able to watch the whole movie that young lady was in without once grumbling about the banality of the plot or the ludicrous absurdity of mixing dinosaurs and cavemen, so she has proven powers in generating a willing suspension of disbelief, so I'm sure she'd be a perfect symbol for a religion.

Because that's just what we need - sexxxxy ladies on the cross who will bring people to religion (specifically the Catholic Church, a locus of Meyers' ire before).

Let's objectify women's bodies in a specifically religious (and to some, blasphemous) context at a time when women are bombarded with conflicting messages about their bodies and sexuality. And let's hear it from progressive people who are supposed to have women's backs. Plus, the cross was an instrument of torture and a symbol of a painful, lengthy death.

Also, some people like iconography, like me. I'm not Catholic, but the history and symbolism entrenched in religious iconography is rich and fascinating.

So P.Z. Meyers, your mocking is not helping. In fact, you're making it worse, both for religious people and for women. We have our hands full with the virgin/whore complex, so let's not get a sexy lady Jesus in there and mess us up even more.


Amelia said...

The image isn't showing! Aww

Amelia said...

Nevermind, I think it was just my slow computer...

And speaking of objectifying women, I'm off to work on another blog post for today!

Anonymous said...

i am insulted to see such a picture.

right, to get more people into church, let us sexualize the Crucifixion. wtf??

lindsay said...

I think there are two issues - the image itself and then Meyers' amusement and promotion of the image. I have disagreements and issues with both, of course.

Tanya Derbowka said...

Great post. I had thought that myself as I read his post but I didn't really think it through. It's unfortunate that PZ frequently has sexist BS on his site because he is one of my favorite bloggers.

Anonymous said...

As a sadist, I get off on that sort of image. As a Christian, I find the idea that a sexualised image (which that is, without a doubt) should be associated with the Passion, to be utterly offensive and inappropriate.

The idea, moreover, that such an image might be seen as generally sexual, as opposed to being specifically sadistically sexual, is also extremely disturbing and it says something rather worrying about society in general if people were to go down that route.

All around Not Cool, Mr Meyers!