Friday, April 3, 2009

Fifteen percent

Between 2004 and 2007, there were an estimated 44,084 new diagnoses of HIV infection, a 15% increase (CDC).

A 15% increase. What are you doing about it?


Inkling said...

Educate, educate, educate! I like to remind friends and acquaintances that *every* type of sex requires protection. HIV can be spread through oral sex (along with lots of other nasties) as well as vaginal or anal sex, and so flavored condoms and/or dental dams are a mandatory addition to your sexual prophylactic devices cache unless you're 100% certain of a person's STD status.

Be safe!

Amelia said...

I support a group on campus that provides free condoms to anyone who asks for them.

JPR said...

That's not really surprising; if you run a mathematical regression on the data with an eye toward human interaction, we're probably embarking on the steeper end of the exponential curve.

But yeah, play safe.

And while groups that provide free condoms are awesome, they are unfortunately often abused and as such, often fall into a state where they can only fill some percentage of the requests.

Anonymous said...

I really wish more demographics were counted. I have a feeling this trend is due in part to more older ppl having sex and not using protection. I'm pretty sure they missed the period of time where condoms were being pushed on (young) folks.
Any who, I would like to see less stigma attached to condom use. I get pissed when ppl don't see condom less sex as a deal breaker. When ppl associate condom use with being "untrustworthy" or even "prudish". What about ppl who just like using condoms? What about birth control? Ugh....

I would like to see more married couples talking about their condom use. I applaud companies like for making the female condom out of material that could be made less expensively.

What am I doing? making video's for teens on safe sex!!! =D