Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visual Aid

200 pages in the April 2009 issue of Allure Magazine.

52 miniature Post-Its marking full page advertisements (not including multiple ads by the same company if they appeared one after another, ads for stores, instead of specific products, fashion spreads, or ads that do not fill an entire page).

6 broad categories of product types (including hair, make-up, and perfume).

It really is amazing how much space is taken up by advertisements in magazines such as Allure. Really, it's a wonder they can fit in any editorial content at all. It's completely another experience when you have a visual like this in your hands.

(And yes, there was a reason for me to do this. It has to do with some research I am beginning.)


elle said...

I remember very clearly when I was younger that I stopped subscribing to VIBE magazine because the ads made it hard to read the stories.

Of course, now I know there soooooo many other things I could've objected to.

K said...

I have such a hard time reading magazines like this because of the ads. Actually I can't remember the last time I bought a beauty magazine, precisely for this reason. I feel like I'm paying for ads instead of content! Which wouldn't be so terrible but the price of the magazine without a subscription is still a few bucks a pop. And there's no reason to tempt myself to buy these things anyway - I can't afford a lot of the expensive products & even if I could, I'd lose interest in it within a few hours of purchase.