Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABC: "Hookup culture" makes girls into sluts

ABC has yet another article about the "hookup culture" scare titled "Teens: Oral Sex and Casual Prostitution No Biggie." Are you kidding me? If that's not a scare tactic, I don't know what is. The article talks about a new documentary out called (wait for it) ... Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss, by Sharlene Azam.

My sister sent me the link and added, "They don't even mention the word 'boy' in this article. Apparently girls are having sex with themselves." Yet another example of how people commenting on "hookup culture" only focus on girls and the idea of damage to a young woman's purity.

Double standard much?

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Tasha said...

Today in young adult literature we were talking about how the girls in "King Dork" give the main character blow jobs without being in a relationship with him. While they were critical of the main character, it also seemed like they were condemning of the female characters. Someone said, "it's not normal to have sex outside of a relationship."