Friday, June 26, 2009

Apparenly only women can display products and metal cases

You know what I'd like to see?

Game shows where the attendants are men. I'm looking at you, The Price is Right, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, etc.

I can do without a reinforcement of beauty standards in my game shows.*

*That doesn't mean to replace societally approved beautiful women with societally approved beautiful men. A little diversity of beauty in there works for me too.


Amelia said...

A few weeks ago, I had two British soccer coaches staying at my parents' house with me, and we were watching Deal of No Deal, and one of the first things one of the coaches mentioned was that in the British version, they don't have the women holding the cases.

Oh, America...

Also, I can see the comments coming that say, "You hate objectifying women but you're okay with objectifying men you big stupid hypocrit!!!!" Just a heads up. :)


Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, humans tend to respond better to conventionally attractive people, especially females.

This includes females.

Why do you think, say, in a grocery store environment, the majority of cashiers are women, and men are only subbed in if they have no other choice?

Is it because women are just better register button pushers? Of course not.

Same with waitstaff at restaurants. It's obviously not because women are inherently better servers, or that men won't apply at restaurants.

That said, even attractive men aren't attractive. A lot of women I know of are physically attracted to men, but will freely admit men just aren't very pretty, as it were.

Women have more aesthetically pleasing shapes.

Anonymous said...


"Diversity in beauty" is a false statement.

To place unattractive people up and say "It's a different kind of beauty" is incorrect.

One thing that's important to accept, I think, is that not everyone is beautiful. Just like some people are good at something, and some are bad at it, some people are beautiful, some aren't.

To try to push some "everyone is beautiful in their own way" is unrealistic. It reminds me of the stupid coddling that early age schools tend to do now, where in sports events, score isn't kept, so as not to hurt kids feelings. So that "everybody wins!".

It's not realistic. It's not how life goes.

The world isn't here to hold people's hands, and boost their self-esteem, and coddle them. To prop people up into a false reality just causes them more damage in the long run.

It's just how it is. Some people are appealing to look at physically, some aren't. That's just life.

lindsay said...

But isn't it ok to objectify men? I mean, it's not women so it's ok, right?

hehe. Hopefully my postscript will count.

Change said...

Why do we need any people (men or women) to stand next to those metal boxes with numbers? It's not like these shows can't afford the technology to have the boxes open with a remote control or some such device.