Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hairstyles are not political news, pt 5

Minnesota Independent, you know I love you, right? I enjoy your local focus on progressive topics, often providing good information on local feminist/GLBTQ/progressive organizations and individuals for blogging. That's why it makes me sad to see this:
In a new official portrait photo issued today, U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum appears to have moved the part in her hair from the left to center-right. The Democrat also has added a House of Representatives pin on what appears to be a mauve Mao jacket, effectively jamming attempts at easy ideological interpretation.

Seriously? Come on, that's the best you can do today? The clothing and hair of politicians is NEVER news, but especially when it involves women. Of the four Minnesota politicians mentioned in the article, three are women (Betty McCollum, Amy Klobuchar, and Michele Bachmann vs. Tim Pawlenty) plus a fictional woman (Betty Crocker). And the only reason you mentioned Pawlenty is because you wanted to make fun of his mullet.

Let's spend more time talking about something else, even though I'm sure you're getting tired of reporting on the Franken/Coleman Senate race. I'm sure you can either a) find something else, or b) not post at all.

I don't know if you've heard this or not, but fashion and women's hairstyles are not political news. Parts one, two, three and four.


Amelia said...

Reaaaaally? Do they not see how absurd it is to notice something as trivial as the change in the woman's part in her hair? For crying out loud. I agree, don't post anything at all if this is the best you can come up with.

Amelia said...

P.S. someone linked to this post in a comment on the articles on the Minnesota Independent's website. :)

Good work!