Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hello Strangers!
Well, I haven't blogged in a long time, and if you are a new reader, you may not even remember me. But, quickly, I'm Kate. I'm one of the original bloggers and biggest slacker of the Female Impersonators. I go to school with Amelia, but this summer I have a nice little, unpaid internship at Democracy for America.
I'm living in Vermont with an awesome host family, biking places on my bright yellow 1982 bike, drinking coffee, photocopying, doing work projects, and enjoying the summer sunshine. Its been a nice few weeks.
I don't have wifi at my house, so I have to blog from the public library. So I can't promise that I will be blogging regurarly, but I'm gonna give it a good effort.
Democracy for America is Howard Dean's organization. It emphasizes grassroots action in all fifty states, and encourages citizen participation in local, state, and national politics. I love my job so far, and I must say it was pretty cool being in a conference room with Howard Dean the same day that he went on the Colbert Report. The organization is working to get support for the public option, so I'm learning tons about healthcare. Hopefully, I'll blog about that this summer.
I don't know anyone in Vermont, so I've been spending a lot of time reading. I just finished The Woman's Room, which I was inspired to read after hearing the author died. It was an extradinary book, and I would recommend it. Now, your turn; I would love any book recommendations from readers.
I don't have anything very specific to blog about, but expect to hear from me more soon.


lindsay said...

Sounds like a great experience... jealous!

Amelia said...

Yay! So glad to hear from you. :) Glad it seems like you're doing well.

And please, never think of yourself as a slacker!

Michael said...

i thought you were dead. good to hear i was wrong \o/