Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homophobia at MPLS Pride

First, we've got this video of a group of young teens harassing a man as he leaves the Minneapolis Pride parade, including walking past some security guards from a local building:

The man in the video has utter composure and reacts in the best, most impossible manner. Also, don't read the comments on the video. It's a combination of racism and heterosexism.

Then some people were kicked out of a taxi by a homophobic driver (after being picked up in front of a gay bar).

And out of Minneapolis, there's this.

How? How in this day and age can people still be like this? How do we as surrounding society allow this to happen? Why do we create these spaces where homophobia thrives and grows?

To the people in these situations, my utter condolences.



Trauma Queen said...

oh my! I was at the Bangalore Pride in India (second Pride march being organised here) - we were marching to get the law that criminalised homosexuality repealed (it did,,,two days later..coincidence)

but this is so sad..really..I thought things were better in the west!

lindsay said...

For every 1500 people at the parade, there was one youth harassing a gay person.

There's a ton of support here in MPLS, but by no means is it universal.

Third_Wheel_John said...

this is the first time ive posted something on this blog, but this just sickens me. I'm straight but people who openly attack gays and people not stopping it. just makes me sick... I would of stopped it... I just can't believe that the police did nothing....