Sunday, July 12, 2009

Please Read

Ruth Ginsburg's interview with the New York Times.
It made me cry, actually. I'm not quite sure why. I started tearing up right away; Justice Ginsburg never really said anything emotional, but I think the situation of one woman being interviewed about another woman in such an important position really resonated with me.
In one section Justice Ginsburg notes how important it is for more women to be on the court, symbolically. I've never really believed in the importance of symbolism, but as a young woman, working her first real job in politics, hoping to make a career in the field after graduation, and considering law school it is important to me to have women on the Supreme Court.
My mom is a secretary. I love and admire her for her strength, courage, and love, but I also need career role models, and I am so happy to have women in power to guide me in my journey as a woman learning her own power.

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