Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Queen of Sleeze"? Love it.

I'm a big fan of Michelle at The Pretty Year - she challenged herself to taking the items currently in her closet and coming up with 250 different looks in 2009, plus $250 for new additions. She posts a picture of every new outfit and in my opinion, her style comes across as simple yet classic. Her outfits and pairings of clothes have influenced me to look at the items in my closet differently, to see what other things I could do with what I have, and to actively mine sales racks for good deals. Practically everything she wears was bought on sale, making a total outfit cost crazy inexpensive.

However, apparently challenging yourself like this opens up the door for people to call you fat, sleezy or say you're wearing your clothes too tight. It's sleezy to wear clothes that fit?

People's bodies are different and not uniformly made. Take a skirt and five women will wear it differently in five ways. And you know what? THAT'S OK. We're not Barbies, all cut from the same mold. Why should women wear things that don't fit in an attempt to appease trolls online?

Another thing I love about Michelle is her spirit. She writes, "If spending a year trying to throw together cute outfits that fit my body makes me “sleazy,” well… just call me the Queen of Sleaze." Gotta love it.

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